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Ocna city of Sibiu , Sibiu , Transylvania, Romania

Ocna Sibiu is a tourist resort located in Sibiu County , in southern Transylvania Depression hilly ( Sibiu Depression northwest ) 15 km north of Sibiu , in the valley of dream, in a region surrounded by centuries-old oak forest and a basement The first resort was established here in 1845 and since then , Ocna Sibiu has attracted fame due helioterme lakes formed on the site of the old salt mines collapsed . On the salt is more saline lakes ( former mines collapsed ) . Many of them have a salt concentration of 260 grams / liter . Lake Avram Iancu (formerly mine \ Temperate climate , rich air aerosols over the average annual temperature in this part of the country and the recent refurbishment of Strand, brought back to fame last resort . Ocna Sibiu presents archaeological interest here being discovered tools from the Bronze Age (1900-800 BC) , who are exposed to Brukenthal Museum .
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