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Chairlift Paltinis

Păltiniş chairlift was founded in 1971 and has a cable plant with a total of 52 seats by 2 person with a speed of 2m / s and 360 people per hour . It was modernized in 2011 and deseveşte Onceşti slope length of 1050 meters with a difference of 241m , with 17 poles lift . Slope is provided with a 400m lift for beginners and children , with a difference of 138m . Parties have also nocturne and in 2013 was equipped with snow cannons . The chairlift operates all year round , not just in winter to enjoy the beauty of mountains and mountain tourists coming veriiş not only during winter sport lovers . The resort is 32 km from the city through a modern and well maintained road that runs through a beautiful landscape both in winter and summer. Slope also has two Apresski sites , one on the slope , the other on top of the slope , the arrival station , with extraordinary panoramic views and outdoor terraces , where tourists and winter sports lovers can enjoy all day with juices, Opening hours are from 08:00 19:00.
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