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Transfagarasan , Sibiu , Transylvania, Romania

On Bascov the village after village 61 km beyond the so-called Transfăgărăşan Arefu start portion , a length of about 91 km. Transfăgărăşan ( the prefix \ The road built over the Fagaras Mountains, the highest mountain range in Romania , which is part of the Southern Carpathians , which is a paved road near the tunnel near Balea Lake , reaching an altitude of 2042 m Transfăgărăşan is ranked second in altitude road in Romania after Transalpina ( DN67C ) to 2145 m in the Parang Mountains . The first segment of the hydroelectric Transfăgărăşan through the massive underground fortress located Vidraru . From here, near the city Poenari serpentine road climbs and viaducts , through three short tunnels reaching the dam that connects with his 307 m and Vidraru Pleasa Mountains . Crossing the dam , the road continues along the left side of the lake at the beginning of Vidraru up . The winding road begins to climb , passing Goat Falls up to tunnel from the southern part of the Balea Lac Capra , where a length of 887 m crosses the Fagaras Mountains . Balea Tunnel , the longest tunnel in Romania , with a height of 4.4 m, 6 m wide and a sidewalk with a width of 1 m , lighting, but airflow , link to the north of Transfăgărăşan . The north side of the road after passing through the tunnel Balea Transfăgărăşan alpine nature reserve and Lake Balea Balea glacial lake followed by a steep downhill switchbacks . Pass near Balea waterfall , which is a stepped waterfall about 68 m, the largest of its kind in Romania , and is at an altitude of about 1230 mdM In winter , usually from November 1 until June 30 ( the area between mile 104 to mile 130 Piscu Black and Balea Waterfall ) when Transfăgărăşan closed road to Balea Lake can be reached by cable car One of the most difficult sections of Transfăgărăşan is between Balea Lake Balea Waterfall and a length of 13 km. From Balea Cascada until the intersection with the road and the European route E68 DN1 or near the village Cârţişoara , there are 21 km . Transfăgărăşan go over 830 bridges , 27 viaducts , for its construction had to be deployed several million tons of rock , were used for this example : 6520 tons of dynamite , of which 20 tonnes only tunnel Capra - Transfăgărăşan was built between 1970 - 1974 during the reign of Nicolae Ceausescu , who wanted to provide a strategic road over the mountains . The inauguration took place in September 20 1974. Road over Fagaras Mountains was done with considerable material efforts and with the price of many lives of soldiers and workers who contributed to its construction . Official says 40 people are dead because this road to cross the mountains , but after 35 years people are still alive talking to hundreds of lives lost. Responding to an interview , a witness of the time said the dam had died only about 400 boys . DN7C high mountain area is open to road traffic only between July and October of each year , as the road is snowy in the winter , and his dezăpezirea is impractical . In winter, this road is allowed access road on the south side just longer than the Capra (km 104 - Piscu Black , Arges ) ), and on the north to Balea cascade (km 131). Even in summer , the road is a dangerous one , with very many turns and the speed limit is imposed at 40 km / h
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