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ASTRA National Museum Complex

"ASTRA" Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization is the largest outdoor museum in Romania and the second in Europe. It covers a surface of 96 ha, out of which the exhibition itself occupies 42 hectare and it is enriched year after year with 4-5 monuments. Situated in the natural reservation “Dumbrava Sibiului”, with a lake inside and over ten kilometers of alleys, this museum does not offer only cultural services, but also touristic and recreational ones. The visitors are welcomed to: the “Diana” Guesthouse, the “Tulgheş” Inn, the “Veştem” Inn, the “Cârciuma din Bătrâni” tavern. For a more delightful time there, the museum organizes boat rows, cariole rides and sleigh rides. In 2011 "ASTRA" Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization was awarded by the Michelin Green Guide the highest distinction: three stars.
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